We offer sliding scale rates for tutoring and mentoring depending on circumstances, subject, and level. We do a $20 one-hour initial consultation to determine whether we are a good fit for your student and where on the rate scale you fall. What you see below is a general guide, not a guarantee for your student.

Typical rates
$20/hour – Early College mentoring students
$25-$35/hour – Elementary school students; reading, grammar, spelling, organization and executive function skills, elementary math, elementary science
$30-$40/hour – Middle and early high school students; essay-writing, pre-algebra and Algebra I, basic biology and earth sciences, chemistry, physics, civics, social studies, U.S. history
$35-$45/hour – Late high school and college students; Algebra II, pre-calculus, geometry, and statistics; advanced biology and earth sciences; political science, economics, world history, research papers
$40/hour – Pursuing Passions mentoring students

Special circumstances – for tutoring students only
$10/hour – Full-time, financially independent college students
$15/hour – Low-income families

Additional discounts
GHF Members get a FREE initial consultation and guaranteed lowest price for your student’s category!