Mentors can fill incredibly valuable roles for young people. The pre-teen and teen years can be exceptionally challenging, and having someone who is not a parent with whom to talk provides vital support, particularly for neurodivergent youth. Shared interests and similar backgrounds can provide the foundation for strong relationships. A good mentor will create a safe space for young people to explore interests, ask questions, make mistakes, and practice social interactions with an adult who understands and supports them. Additionally, mentors can provide resources and assistance in pursuing interests and passions, well beyond what parents or teachers may be able to help with.

2EL offers mentoring in writing, the sciences, environmental protection, social justice, civics and activism, and critical thinking. Mentoring services include discussion time, support in extracurricular projects, and opportunities to explore other topics. In addition, Madeline Goodwin uses her own experience as a young college student to provide peer mentoring for other early entry students.

Pursuing Passions

Early College