Pursuing Passions

One student’s science fair project. It won!

Sometimes students want to go beyond what they are able to do in school, or have a project they need some guidance in order to do. In these cases, parents can sometimes help – but not always. Mentors can provide the guidance needed, while also being a peer for the student. In cases where the mentor is also an expert in the field, the value they bring to the relationship is twofold: an adult role model and a guide on the adventure of learning.

2ELearning offers mentoring as a way for students to take control of their learning and go beyond standard curricula, exploring diverse and interdisciplinary topics such as history through fashion, engineering using Legos, and the footprints of human development on the original development of modern ecosystems. Whether they are school students who feel constrained by their classroom education, unschoolers seeking guidance, or homeschoolers who need help with a big science project, we are here to provide the direction they need to explore their interests and develop their passions.