We first worked with Madeline when she taught an online class that my two homeschooled children loved (three classes, in fact, as we signed up for more courses after they enjoyed the first one so much!). We already knew that Madeline’s knowledge, her relaxed and supportive teaching style, and her familiarity with the unique needs of gifted children were a good fit for our family. So when we moved from California to Washington state and needed a private tutor as part of our homeschooling process, we didn’t hesitate to recruit her help, and we couldn’t be happier that we did. We now rely on her for tutoring in biology, ecology and other life sciences, math/algebra, US history, US government and policy, and test preparation, and I have no doubt that she would be instrumental in whatever other subjects the kids may need help with from time to time.

BlueberryPickingMadeline’s multi-faceted knowledge base, creative teaching methods, use of a variety of curriculum materials and academic mediums, and willingness to think and teach “outside of the box” have been exactly what we were looking for. She advocates a hands-on approach whenever possible, with field trips and nature walks built into the curriculum (who wouldn’t love a botany class taught while picking summer blueberries?). From day one, she carefully assessed and thought about each of my children’s distinct learning styles, strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes, and she designs weekly lessons and monthly goals accordingly. She periodically reviews and re-assesses these methods and their utility, and makes changes as needed to ensure their understanding and mastery of each topic covered.

Madeline is a wonderful teacher, and moreover, a kind and considerate person who is a pleasure to be around. We can recommend her tutoring services without reservation.

~Catherine  O., parent of A (12) and N (11)


Madeline is amazing at what she does. Her math knowledge in particular has been so beneficial to my daughter. Something that I do not have the skills to help my daughter with now that she is in high school. She has been tutoring her a few months now and my daughter has improved dramatically with understanding the material she is learning at school.

I would recommend her for any student that needs one-on-one help for school work and tutoring.

Tiffany G., parent of I (14)


My son has been taking classes with Ms Madeline since mid-2015. He started early, because she was willing to talk to him, and see who he is, not the number of his age.

He has since taken every class he can that Ms Madeline teaches. Whether he is interested in the subject or not, Madeline is able to make it interesting and engaging for him. She always works with the kids where they are, and not where they “should” be. She isn’t afraid to dial back the information to ensure it’s understood… and she isn’t afraid to let the students soar, either.

My son can be… “a little challenging” (like the ocean is “a little wet”). Madeline is able to rise to meet him every time. She has helped him overcome a fear of public speaking, as well as some of his perfectionism that would prevent him from giving a presentation at all.

Now that we don’t have classes to take anymore, he was really worried that he wouldn’t see Ms Madeline anymore. There were… emotional reactions. However, it turns out that Ms Madeline is available to be a mentor as well! I could not possibly be more thrilled with this arrangement. My son is able to video call his beloved Ms Madeline, and they spend time chatting about the things in their lives. She is able to help him process some of the things a 2E kiddo heading into their teens would be dealing with – and does not want to talk to a parent about.

Ms Madeline has been nothing short of a miracle in our house. We all love her. I couldn’t wish for a better teacher, a more responsive mentor, a more valuable friend for my son.

~Care M., parent of N (10)


Warm, welcoming, safe. If you are looking for that elusive combination of understanding, acceptance, and academic challenge for your 2E student, then look no further. Leaders in the gifted and 2E community, these experts have set the standard. Highest recommendation.

~Marynna Lindsey Kerce, colleague


My son (12) took a class from Corin Goodwin via online format (Fall 2018). The class was World War II: Topics & Conversations. My son has been interested in all things WWII for many years and was excited to take a class devoted to the subject. Corin led the students through WWII from start to finish and covered all the various topics (economics of the time, the US’s role in the war, the politics involved, the rise of Hitler, anti-semitism, the Holocaust, the atomic bomb, etc.). Corin kept the students on track and engaged. I was impressed with the way she handled some very tough subject matter considerately and with great professionalism. She provided the students with reading and video assignments which they later discussed during class. My son loved the class, loved having Corin as his teacher. She was always responsive to any questions I had for her during the semester. I wholeheartedly recommend Corin Goodwin and I’m glad my son had the opportunity to have her as his teacher.

~Carol F., parent to J


My daughter and I both highly recommend Corin and Madeline. They are both excellent teachers, and found ways to stimulate my daughter’s interest in US government, World War II history, and even for writing research papers. She has learned a lot from all of the classes she has taken, and I have appreciated all of the excellent feedback that I got while my daughter was going through the classes. And now that they both know my daughter so well from their classes, I really appreciate being able to ask them questions about her development and education, and know that I will get excellent answers from them. We definitely count them as being “in our village” of people who are helping to raise my daughter!

~Suz D., parent to C (15)


My son took a semester-long course with Corin called WWII: Conversations and Context. Although my son had only just turned 11 when the class began (much younger than the other students), Corin welcomed him, honored his interests, and made him feel as valued as any other student. My son is extremely passionate about history, and WWII in particular. I was continually impressed with Corin’s ability to tactfully guide the class through thought-provoking discussions of the gruesome realities of war, while balancing the individual needs of her students. This class was so much more than a typical history class, where memorizing dates, names, and treaties seems to be the priority. This class went deep, and fanned the flame of my son’s interest in history. He loved this class, looked forward to it each week, and was sad when it ended. He’d take another class with Corin in a heartbeat! He now hopes to become a military historian. With the help of teachers like Corin, he just might. Thank you!! 🙏🏻

Jenn Head, parent to J (11)


My son took the WW II history class and loved it! He really liked the lectures and information Corin provided and the interaction with her. Corin did a great job teaching the class and also her guiding and critique of the class presentations helped my son learn more about researching and presenting information to others! highly recommend Corin for any course.

~Charles F, parent to S (10)