The Cat Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

So now to explain the title of this blog post. The old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat – but satisfaction brought it back. Perhaps the cat was curious about the rabbit hole, looked down it, and fell; but, curiosity satisfied, was able to climb back out again. The cat may also have followed another rabbit hole, or perhaps a whole string of them. They do tend to form a maze. … More The Cat Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

[Book Review] Writing Your Own Script: Struggling and Succeeding in Socializing

Originally posted on EcoScienceGirl: The Blog:
I last reviewed this book in November 2015. However, my perspective has changed significantly, and I wanted to revisit it. Finding and making friends has always been really hard for me. My constant refrain as a child was “I don’t want to make new friends, I like the ones…