Exceeding Expectations in Tutoring and Mentoring

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I’ve known I wanted to teach since I was a little kid. My dolls were lined up for lessons; my poor brother and cousins got roped into “playing school” with me. All through college and grad school, I would watch my professors, making notes of things I would and wouldn’t do when I was a teacher.

In undergrad, I started meeting with classmates to do our homework together. Then I offered to help students in classes I’d already taken. My tutoring business began!

I have always liked working with students and helping facilitate the learning process. In particular, I enjoy getting to know the people I work with, and using analogies and Image result for Cell biology embroiderystorytelling to make concepts more relevant. A star basketball player struggling to understand the physiological impacts of increasing global temperatures understands when I ask what would happen if the temperature of the basketball court went up. A budding…

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